[ic] Does Anybody Have Minivend Performance Statistics

Ato Bisda atobisda@yahoo.com
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 06:15:35 -0700

I just need any performance stats which will demonstrate to my customer
that the MINIVEND SOFTWARE can scale to industrial strength e-commerce

In other words, they're not worried about paying for additional RAM, CPU,
as long as the site can handle, say, a million page views a day.

The performance stats ideally should be for an e-commerce site with the
following functionality:

(1)	the usual add-to-cart and checkout mechanism
(2)	user registration
(3)	product search
(4)	online CC authorization (I understand there's a pre-built Cybercash
(5)	order submission to a 3rd part fulfillment house (e.g., EDS) possibly
thru HTTP

Thanks for any input.


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