[ic] Here's an easy results sort method

Jason Ballou jasonballou1@yahoo.com
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 23:33:36 -0800 (PST)

I tend to run on so if you want a quick answer, just
scroll to the bottom...

If you're like me you spent lots of time searching the
archives and asking around for an easy way to sort
your search results by sku or price or what have you.

I also did some reading through the Interchange
Catalog-Building Tutorial manual, most specifically in
section 13.5 "Sorting the product list". 
Unfortunately this didn't really address how to sort
in an existing catalog so I did a little more looking
around and eventually checked out the Interchange
Database manual and happened across section 5
"Sorting".  Scroll down from there and you'll find a
bold print heading of "Search list", this is where I
got it from.


Here it is...

On your results.html page, scroll down to:

and directly  below it add:
[sort products:sku]


THATS IT!  This sorts by sku but you can do it using
any heading.  I know this was probably pretty simple
for many of you but I hope you newbies like me can use

Jason Ballou

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