[ic] Direction on Shipping and Thumbnail Display

Gina K. Anderson gina@sitediva.com
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 12:09:57 -0500

Hi all,

Was looking at Interchange to see if it will fit my client's needs. I kind of
need to get this solution quickly, and was wondering if someone could give me a
quick hand here, I couldn't tell if these things are possible from futzing with
the admin interface and demo store.

My client has an unusual shipping table. She bases shipping costs on the amount
of the total order, depending on country. For example:

Total			US 		Canada	International
-----			---		------	-------------
0-14.99		3.50		6.00		15.00
15.00-24.99		4.50		7.00		20.00
$100			free 		$13.50	30% of order

She is taking orders by fax at this time. Is this table possible in Interchange?
Could someone direct me by example on how and where to configure this?

Also, in the demo site, when you click on a subcategory and the script lists the
items, the is no thumbnail image displayed, for example:


I would need that to show the thumbnail of the brushes for example :) I assume
this is possible, is there a template that would call that thumbnail into that
display, code, etc? If so, can you give me a hint to what it is?

Thanks for any direction, I can probably figure it out if I get a head start.