[ic] Interchange now a Red Hat product

Mike Heins heins@akopia.com
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 21:28:41 -0500

Dear All,

I am excited to announce that Interchange is now a Red Hat product.  This
will be announced publicly at Linux World in New York tomorrow, Wednesday,
Jan. 31.

Akopia has been acquired by Red Hat.  Interchange, Red Hat Stronghold
Secure web server, and Red Hat CCVS (Credit Card Verification System) now
form the Red Hat E-commerce Solutions division of Red Hat. Operations will
continue to be based out of Reston, VA. CCVS and Stronghold engineers will
be joining us to continue to develop the best open-source ecommerce

Red Hat needs no introduction to most of you, but I will mention that it
is the leading Linux provider in every country of the world save Germany;
has over 650 employees worldwide; and has offices on 4 continents.

Interchange remains free and under the Gnu GPL.  No changes to day-to-day
operations are planned, and further development will continue to be in
the spirit of open source. I am confident that this means that your
investment in learning and deploying Interchange will be protected, and
that both the software and the support for Interchange will continue to
get better and better.

I am continuing in my role as lead developer for Interchange as an
employee of Red Hat.

The official press release will be at:


Of course none of this would have happened without your support.
Interchange is what it is because you have used it and fed your experience
back to it for others to benefit. We thank you all, and hope that you
will proceed with us on the next stage of the journey.

Best Regards,
Mike Heins
Akopia, Inc., 131 Willow Lane, Floor 2, Oxford, OH  45056
phone +1.513.523.7621 fax 7501 <heins@akopia.com>

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