[ic] form_mail.

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 06:15:43 -0500

Quoting Rene Hertell (rene@hertell.com):
> }    This is because we don't use that anymore:
> }    
> }    [email from="me@mine.com" to="you@yours.com" subject="Testing 
> }    email tag"]
> }    This is the message.
> }    [/email]
> }    
> }    Much better, I think. There are several examples in the demos...
> Is there a version of this usertag that can use CC and BCC?

Yes, but it is time to read the source and docs. There is also:

From: me@mine.com
To: you@yours.com
Subject: Testing 
Bcc: whoever@whereever.com


Again, look at the examples. Does noone besides me know how to
use grep? 8-)

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