[ic] Merchant Account question using the Construct Something template??

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 22:55:33 -0800

> I am using the "Construct Something" template to make my e-commerce site
for my business.  I would like
> to know whoever reads this if they have an e-commerce or any type of site
using the Construct Something
> Template?  I would like to see the possibilities of this template.

You can view our most recent site at http://www.mygamewear.com  This store
started out as the consturct demo for code comparision but does not resemble
it much anymore :)  *Anything* is possible with IC!

> If your site is e-commerce I have another question.  I already have a
merchant account now I just need to > make the site.  How do I "link" my
homepage and my merchant account together so I can take credit
> cards in real time?  Im confused about this.  Or do I take the credit card
info after the order is placed then
> when the order arrives to me via e-mail then go my virtual credit card
machine on the net then charge it this
> way??  Does someone know how to intergrate the two?  If anyone has
information can you please send it
> my way?  My e-mail is:   Psirix@aol.com

Who is your merchant account through?  You'd be best off to use a payment
gateway like Verisign, CyberCash, or AuthorizeNet, there are modules already
for these gateways.  Your merchant account will need to be compatible with
the gateway you choose.  The system is setup so that when the user presses
'Checkout' the info is sent from IC to Payment Gateway (through a module).
The response codes are then sent back to IC which interprets what to do
(accept the order or fail with an error).  The transaction is logged with
the gateway which ultimately ends up in your merchant account.  Good luck!