[ic] Secure / Normal store

Steve Palm stevep@sga.org
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 16:32:56 -0600

Okay, I want to have a secured checkout page, but normal browsing.

Our web server is set up so that the CGI-BIN for secure pages is different from the one for insecure pages.

I have set AlwaysSecure ord/checkout, and have defined SecureURL.

It tries to switch to https mode, but then complains that the catalog is undefined.  I have put a copy of the same vlink program over in the secure cgi-bin directory as is in the main directory.

I tried to put a duplicate catalog line in the interchange.cfg, but it appears that it only looks at the first one for a given store name.  If I set this up as a different store name, won't it loose access to the basket/etc they were browsing in when they were in insecure mode?

Help, open to pointers. ;-)

Steve Palm <stevep@sga.org> * SGA * Loves Park, IL *