[ic] Lock up with custom shipping UserTag

Webmaster of Infothai webmaster@infothai.com
Sun, 04 Mar 2001 17:46:24 +0700


I'm running Interchange 4.6.3 on FreeBSD 4.2 with Perl 5.005_03. I've created 
a UserTag as follows:

	UserTag thship Order weight
	UserTag thship Routine <<EOR
	sub {
	 my ($weight) = @_;
	 my $cost=$weight * 4;
	 return $cost;

If I call this usertag from a page, it works as expected.

However, when I use this in shipping.asc:

	test:	Test Custom
		criteria	weight

		min	0
		max	0
		cost	e Nothing to ship!

		min	0
		max	200
		cost	m [thship weight="2.3"]

		min	200
		max	999999
		cost	e @@TOTAL@@ lbs too heavy for UPS

then Interchange will lock up forever. I see two Interchange 
processes, and both must be manually killed (kill -3) to get 
them to terminate. The above usage was suggested by Mike Heins 
in a previous message to the list, but I must not be reading 
it or doing it correctly.

There are no errors in either error log file, and the icdebug 
file contains no messages.

Any ideas or suggestions? All help is appreciated.

By the way, there is very little said about the 'm' type of 
cost calculation in the docs. Any additional details on its
functionality would also be appreciated.

If I replace the 'm' with 'f' it also locks up the same way.

Best regards,