[ic] User Specified Price?

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Thu, 8 Mar 2001 08:05:51 -0500

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 12:48:23AM -0500, Chris Rapier wrote:
> Jonathan Clark wrote:
> > 
> > > We would like to offer the customer an opportunity to make an
> > > extra donation, amount specified by them, along with any orders
> > > they place.
> > >
> > > Is this easily do-able, to have a product with a user-changeable
> > > on-the-fly price?
> > >
> > > If not, what other options might exist?
> > >
> > 
> > What about a fixed price and a user-changeable qty? ;-)
> Thats what I did with the gift certificates on a site I did. They could
> buy them in $5 amounts so if they wanted a $100 gift certiicate they
> just entered 20. If you did it in $1 increments that would be pretty
> easy. Just like entering a dollar value. If you accept fractional
> quantities then its even easier. Just make sure you can enter negative
> qaunts. I don't know if this is even possible but its somethign to keep
> in mind.

It *is* possible to use negative prices at least through minivend 4.03.
That is quite useful for certain things like "Free Saturday delivery
Father's Day Weekend Only" or $10 off if you mention etc....

We don't check for negative amounts in certificates; generally we only
allow them for certain fixed increments and then name your price > $x.

Seems to me like a whole Pandora's boxe when you start letting 
customers name their prices and build custom items; I'm not even sure
how one could know what is or is not valid.  What about returns?



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