[ic] Getting the item value from size column in products table

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Mon, 12 Mar 2001 01:56:18 +0800

Hello Alex,

I've tried doing the same, myself without much success. If anyone has
successfully done this, please let me know too.

Sunday, March 11, 2001, 8:20:49 AM, you wrote:

AW> Hi,

AW> Is there any way to get the right hand side value from my size column in
AW> the products table? I am tryingit implment different pricings based on
AW> size. Eveyrthing works except that I want the size description instead of
AW> just the code.

AW> In my products table,  under the coulmn size, I have the entry
AW> "S=Small,M=Medium,L=Large"

AW> Right now the bottom portion oft he code prints the values
AW> S - $5
AW> M - $10
AW> Is there any way I can get it to do
AW> Small - $5
AW> Medium - $10?

AW> ----------
AW> [if data products::size::[item-code]]

AW> <SELECT NAME="mv_order_size">
AW> [loop prefix=size arg="[item-accessories size, options]"]
AW>   <option value="[size-code]">[size-code] - [price code="[item-code]"
AW> size="[size-code]"]
AW> [/loop]
AW> [/if]
AW> ----------

AW> Thanks,

AW> Alex

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