[ic] Where is checkstat.sh?

Dan B db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 22:36:25 -0800

At 11:14 PM 3/10/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>After converting a Minivend 4.04 site to Interchange 4.6.3, I can not find 
>checkstat.sh (which checks to see if the server is running and restarts it 
>if not) in the Interchange directory, nor can I get the old checkstat.sh 
>to work via my crontab after copying it to /home/myfiles/interchange/bin. 
>I know it used to be in the /eg directory of the source, but it is not in 
>the interchange-4.6.3/eg directory. My crontab looks like:
>5,15,25,35,45,55 * * * * /home/myfiles/interchange/bin/checkstat.sh>&2
>Is checkstat.sh still being used? Can I use the old one? If yes, what 
>changes are necessary to use the old one?

I think that checkstat.sh is not being used anymore in favor of bin/interchange

If I'm correct, bin/interchange will look at the .pid file to see if it is 
till running, and if not, it will start itself again.  Otherwise it will 
just go through init until it realizes it was already running, and not fork 
an additional copy.  So I think you could try a call to bin/interchange in 
your crontab.

>Thanks in advance.
>Curt Hauge
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