[ic] Importing tables...

Dan McFarland dan@mailturtle.com
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It's not a SQL database.  Strictly the built in database.


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> On Thursday 15 March 2001 12:15, you wrote:
> > I am using the Construct template with the default databases.  With that
> > mind, I am trying to import to the products table a new list of items
> > the fields sku, description and price.  Then I will go back and manually
> > edit those items to add quantity discounts, images, etc.
> >
> > When I try to import this data from a tab-delimited txt file, I get a
> > ERROR - Non-existent table 'sku description price'
> > What would be causing this error?
> It would help if you posted the command that produced the error. I am not
> very MySQL-savvy, but am sure it would work to make a tab-delimited file
> including all of the fields expected by the demo's database. Tab past the
> fields you don't want to fill out and enter the sku, description, and
> where they fit. Then
> mysql> LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'data.txt' INTO TABLE products
> A quick check into the MySQL documentation yielded this:
> If you wish to load only some of a table's columns, specify a field list:
> mysql> LOAD DATA INFILE 'persondata.txt'
>            INTO TABLE persondata (col1,col2,...);
> You must also specify a field list if the order of the fields in the input
> file differs from the order of the columns in the table. Otherwise, MySQL
> cannot tell how to match up input fields with table columns.
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