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> I am using the Construct template with the default databases.  With that
> mind, I am trying to import to the products table a new list of items with
> the fields sku, description and price.  Then I will go back and manually
> edit those items to add quantity discounts, images, etc.
> When I try to import this data from a tab-delimited txt file, I get a
> ERROR - Non-existent table 'sku description price
> '


What I did the first time I imported a database to the construct demo was:

1) Delete all products from the construct database, except the gift_cert
using the UI.

2) Export the products database to my computer (just one line with field
names and one item line to model after).

3) Open this exported version in Excel and cut and paste the sku,
description, and price from my old system (also an exported text listing)
leaving the unused columns blank.

4) Save the new text file and import that using the construct UI.


> What would be causing this error?
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