[ic] Problems on Xmission Solaris

Chris Bair chrisbair@tssphoto.com
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 14:59:08 -0700

>On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 02:22:43PM -0700, Chris Bair wrote:
>>  I was wondering if anyone out there has had experience setting up
>>  interchange on Solaris (if that matters any) and especially on
>>  Xmission's server or one of their virtual servers.
>Funny you should ask, as I used to be one of XMission's system administrators,
>and just this week moved to Virginia to work for Red Hat as an Interchange
>The problem is that the shell server where you are doing the installation is
>not the same machine as the web server where your virtual host is located, you
>will need to do one of the following things:
>* Convince XMission to install interchange systemwide on the web servers and
>   setup a catalog for you.
>* Arrange with XMission to get the interchange server running on the webserver
>   your virtual host is located on.
>* Use tlink and set it up to connect to the interchange server you are running
>   on the shell server.
>* Write a CGI script you can load through your web site which will run the
>   interchange server on the same machine your virtual host is located on.

Let's see... Is this the same Jason that carried the umbrella to hit 
cars that tried to run him down while crossing the street? (I used to 
work there too, you might remember, although I'm sure you tried to 

I doubt I could get them to do the first two (although they sound 
like the better alternatives) how might I go about doing the last 
two? I tried setting up the catalog to use INET, rather than UNIX, 
but given my inexperience with Interchange, it still gave me that 
"unavailable" message.

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