[ic] Interchange on cobalt RAQ

Richard Siddall richard.siddall@elirion.net
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 11:31:42 -0500

Ron Phipps wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Just wondering if anyone has installed Interchange on a Cobalt and got it
> to load the demo store. I keep getting the wrong page loading when i try it.
> >
> Please search the archives which can be found at http://developer.akopia.com
> This question has been asked a lot, thanks!
> -Ron

Well, I haven't found the answer to THIS Cobalt question in the archives.

I've installed Mike Heins' patch to bin/interchange to work with the RaQ's
different configuration of CGIwrap.  However, I'm still getting "Undefined
catalog" errors from the CGI program.

I finally re-read the introduction screen at http://www.mydomain.com/construct
and saw that it suggested trying just the CGI program.
I get the front page of the store at http://www.mydomain.com/construct.cgi,
but if I click on any of the links, say "Login" I get
"Undefined catalog: /construct.cgi/login.html" and Interchange logs an error: - - [16/March/2001:11:27:40 -0500] - /construct.cgi/login.html Undefined catalog: /construct.cgi/login.html

I have the CGI running under CGIwrap in the root directory for the site,
e.g. /home/sites/siten/web

Any suggestions on what to try next?  Could this be a permissions problem?


	Richard Siddall.