[ic] set-cookie tag + the expire parameter

Dave Barr barrd@cricinfo.com
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 10:19:30 +0000

At 1:18 pm -0500 19/3/01, Mike Heins wrote:
>  > I have a question about the [set-cookie] tag...
>>  Having gone thro all the dox, and the developer site I cannot find
>>  anywhere what the format is for the 'expire' parameter. To date nothing
>>  I have tried will show up in the MagicCookie file, however, server side
>  > cookies (leaving out the expire parameter) work just fine.

[snip snip]

>It is just a UNIX time value. [tag time]%s[/tag] on a Linux machine,
>or some number like 985025809.
>I should probably set it to ignore the generation of that if there
>is a preformatted string, and will do so in the next version.

Thanks for the patch Mike! Everything works just great now.
Rgds:- Dave