[ic] set-cookie tag + the expire parameter

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 13:18:08 -0500

Quoting Dave Barr (barrd@cricinfo.com):
> IC 4.6.3 / Perl 5.005-03
> Hi y'all,
> I have a question about the [set-cookie] tag...
> Having gone thro all the dox, and the developer site I cannot find
> anywhere what the format is for the 'expire' parameter. To date nothing
> I have tried will show up in the MagicCookie file, however, server side
> cookies (leaving out the expire parameter) work just fine.
> I've always used Netscapes specs:
> http://www.netscape.com/newsref/std/cookie_spec.html
> which basically state that the expire parameter should be expressed as:
> [set-cookie name=foo value=bar expire="Tuesday, 20-Mar-2001 23:00:00 GMT"]
> This does not work, as indeed was putting in the number of days till
> expiration which was my next guess. No error messages are produced, the
> tag is simply ignored.
> Has anyone managed to get this working or point me in a different
> direction? Any help appreciated.

It is just a UNIX time value. [tag time]%s[/tag] on a Linux machine,
or some number like 985025809.

I should probably set it to ignore the generation of that if there
is a preformatted string, and will do so in the next version.

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