[ic] shipping.asc file is too big!!

Thomas N. Stefanidis thomas@prometheas.gr
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 22:19:15 +0200

Hello list,
I'm trying to make the shipping method.
But the file is too big.It's 5.6MB!
My shipping cost is like this :
(for every kg, 100 drh is added)
and so on...
I tried to make something like this
from 0 to 1=1250
from 1 to 2=1350
from 2 to 3=1450
and so on....
but the server started to become too slow...
then the memory went from 150MB to 1MB!.....i checked the shipping.asc
file and it was 5.6MB.
Any ideas why this happend?
Any ideas how to make the shipping method more simple?

Thank you in advance,