[ic] HTML editor

Casey R. Tweten crt@kiski.net
Tue, 20 Mar 2001 23:23:56 -0500 (EST)

Today around 11:09pm, Greg Gaskill hammered out this masterpiece:

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: > If you are a REAL web developer, you should use vi, vim, gvim, pico, notepad, or
: > just plain old MS-DOS edit.

Ahem, since the "those are not HTML editors" card was already played,
I'd like to mention the forgotten hero: emacs.  A text editor that can
be anything you darn well please.

: > Here is a simple answer real professional web authors write their own code. Just
: > like real programmers. Are you a professional or not? God I always love this
: > one! (-: FrontPage YUCK!

Yes, front page sucks.  However, blanket statements like this are just
wrong.  Let me preface: I am a Perl who works only on Linux
workstations.  I know a great many designers who are professional and
nationally recognized who use Dream Weaver.  As a developer, I hate
revieving their code but I also love their work.  It is the constant
struggle between the forces.  What is good for programmers is not
always good for designers.  We can't be so narrow minded as to expect
them to conform to what we like, likewise for them.

Also, it is important to remember that when editing interchange pages
and components, it is not HTML that you are editing, it is interchange
templates.  Thinking that way, you quickly realize that forefitting
the HTML syntax highlighting is something one can live with.

The front page note suggests the origional asker doen't know HTML (
not knocking you, just guessing ) and doesn't care to learn.  My
suggestion: 1) pick up a copy of DreamWeaver, 2) Ask your developers
to use HTML comment style tags ( you *can* do this right?  or am I
thinking TT? ) and that shouldn't freak out DreamWeaver too much.  I
hold no legal accountablilty if DreamWeaver wrecks your "insert
buzzwords here" web site.

: Actually, I let the graphic artists use whatever they are
: comfortable with, then clean up the raw html and wedge in the
: interchange tags where needed.  I consider myself a programmer not a
: visual artist, so I don't use Frontpage for coding, and I don't
: require them to use a text editor for layout and design.  I say what
: fields are needed on a particular type of page, and they "paint me a
: picture" of a web page. This way we end up with an end product that
: looks good and also works correctly.

And, as of today, given the technologies that exist, this is the way
it should be.  YMMV.

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