>>>[ic] Fw: Big Login Problem

Ed LaFrance edl@newmediaems.com
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 08:27:18 -0800

At 05:41 AM 03/19/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>You wrote ...
> >>username: interchange
> >>Password: pass
>Ok now that I tried that and it doesnt work, what next? I will reiterate my
>previous question..
>just what files in the system can I go to to reset the password? Obviously I
>have screwed something up, and I just cannot get in.
>I need to figure out how to get in to the admin area so aI can build my shop
>Alan Young

Take a look in your products directory for a file called access.asc, and 
view the contents of the file.  The Super User username and password should 
be there...unfortunately the pwd will be encrypted, but perhaps seeing the 
username will jog your memory.  This uname and pwd was set by you when you 
created the catalog with makecat (whether you accepted the defaults or 
entered a custom pair).

- Ed L.

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