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Jim Balcom jim@idk-enterprises.com
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 17:09:12 -0500 (EST)

I'm trying to modify 'construct something' to my own needs. And, like
the Old Maid that is about to get married, I've got a LOT of questions,
and no idea of where to start.
Here are 2 of the most pressing ones:

1. The help file says that I can set up an almost unlimited number of
depths, like creating sub-directories on a hard drive. I'm not seeing
how to do this. Assume that on the left side, I have a category of
mails. Under that, I want to have 3 categories: common nails, finishing
nails, and cement nails. Under common nails, I need to list 4
manufacturers - Comp A, Comp B, Comp C, Comp D. The finishing nails
come from 5 different manufacturers, and the cement nails from 3 other
manufacturers. Under each of those manufacturers are 6 different sizes,
or items.
So, there is a top level - NAILS
The second level is 'Type of Nails'
The third level is 'Brand of nails'
The fourth level is the 'Size of Nails'

How do I get these areas created and linked?

2. Quantity pricing:
Company A puts 100 nails in 1 box, and 10 boxes in a case.
Company B puts 150 nails in 1 box, and 5 boxes in a case.
Company C puts 500 nails in 1 box, and 2 boxes in a case.

Now, I want to price 1 nail at 10 cents for company A, 15 cents for
company B, and 5 cents for company C.
The box prices will, of course, be different for each company, as will
the case prices.

>From what I can see, the quantity pricing seems to be locked on to 5,
10, 25, and 100. How do I change this so that each item for sale has
it's own quantity for qualifying for a quantity discount, and putting
in the appropriate price?

Thanks in advance!

-= Jim =-

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