[ic] Question about customer Login with Interchange?

Neil Lunn neillunn@gunz.com.au
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 18:15:26 +1000

I don't see that. This is behaving like a normal logout.

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Dear Interchange Users:
I have a little problem with customers logging in and out my Interchange
site. I tried it myself and what occurs is people can login fine but when
they "log out" they log out fine and the button says "Log In" like it should
but if they click the "Home" button it takes them to Home but it still acts
as if they were logged in the little message says "Welcome to Nicktronics,
Bob!" their name and the button at the top still says "Logout" at the top as
if they never logged out.  How can I fix this? If anyone knows I would
greatly appreciate it. My homepage is http://www.nicktronics.com "enter as
customer" Im not finished with my site yet. If possible you can email me at

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