[ic] Problem with Options

Brent Kelly interchange-users@icdevgroup.org
Sat Jun 8 20:09:00 2002

Hi Josef,

I have been just working with a similar setup where the store sells clothing.  
Each item of clothing required both version and size options.

To do this I used matrix options, separate widgets.  Under the options section 
for a product i created a version option specifying (for this particular 
product) 3 versions: green, grey or red, and a size option specifying 4 
options XL, L, M, S.

After that was set up if you click 'generate all options' it generates 12 
variations of the initial product, and assigns them an individual sku. These 
were of the form:

<initial product sku>-<version code>-<size code>
e.g. 00808-Green-XL, 00808-Grey-S

When the items have been added to the cart, the sku of each item in the cart 
(retrieved through [item-code]) was the code assigned to the options 
according to the product sku & the combination of options selected for that 
product. (e.g. if you selected product sku 00808 and then chose version Grey 
and size L then the [item-code] of the item in the cart was 00808-Grey-L). 
Also, i think by default the price that is used, is the price that has been 
assigned to the sku for that combination of options.

So in summary, if you are wanting size and material options for each product, 
i suggest you follow the same process as outlined above. After you have 
generated the material and size options for you product, choose 'generate all 
options' and that should generate (number of material option choices * number 
of size option choices) options, each with an sku along the template of 
<initial product sku>-<material code>-<size code>.

I hope this makes sense and is the information you are after. If not, or if 
you have any further questions on the area feel free to ask & i'll do by best 
to answer them :).

Brent Kelly,
Zeald Ltd.

On Fri, 07 Jun 2002 11:09, Josef Strasser-Leitner wrote:
> hello,
> I'm a newbie with interchange. I have problems with the options and I
> didn't found a clear answer in the manuals, but I can say, I searched for a
> long time.
> My problem is: I want to make options to an item, like size or material,
> with different prices and with an unique sku for each item. Is this
> possible wih ic? I understand the working of simple-options, but here i
> have the problem of the unique sku. with matrix-option i have also the same
> sku. How can I do this in the admin interface? Can I find an clear and
> simple explanation of the option-possiblities? The online are not really
> helpfull for my problem (for me).
> Thanks in advance for any help I receive!
> Josef
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