[ic] One click search method. maybe I need some help

Danilo kosmo at trslab.it
Mon Aug 18 10:12:35 EDT 2003

I choose to use the one click search method to build the list of the 
articles linked from the main menu, this for improve the spider access 
to the site.
So this is the standar sql query that I need to build the list of 
articles for id_model 22 and id_scat 24.
Someone can help me to translate this query, if it is possible, in the 
one click search syntax?
I  does some try, (I paste the last one at the end of the mail), but 
without success.
thanks in advance.

FROM `products`,`prodmods`
WHERE prodmods.id_model = 22
AND `products`.`id_scat`= 24
AND `products`.`id_product` = `prodmods`.`id_product`
ORDER BY `products`.`id_product` ASC

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