[ic] Running interchange with apache mod_ssl

Brent Wesley bwesley at zhaz.scanningsystems.com.au
Mon Dec 1 08:15:09 EST 2003

Greetings all,

I have recently set up a new interchange 4.9.8 server and I am having a
few problems.

I have the server running fine and have got all of the credit card stuff
working but I can not get Interchnage to work with the apache mod_ssl
server for the secure pages. 

When you try to access any of the secure pages it fails because suexec if
complaining about ic being seduid or setgid. 

I got around the problem of ic not being in the default suexec base
directory by recompiling it from debian source with the correct path to
where the ic cgi-bin files are.

I have tried taking the setuid bit off the interchange files but ic fails
to run at all when this is done.

How do I get ic to run with apache mod_ssl ? I thought this would have
been will documented, but as with most things with ic, it isn't.

Brent Wesley
Systems Programmer
Scanning Systems (Aust.)           http://www.scanningsystems.com.au
PH: 07 3387 5555  FX: 07 3387 55883

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