[ic] 500 Error after UI edit

Interchange User interchange at framework.cx
Thu Dec 4 13:48:26 EST 2003

> On Thursday 04 December 2003 10:54, Interchange User wrote:
> > In MySQL, I altered a table to include a new field. I then went
> > into the admin UI and added said field to show up in the editor, and
> > immediately started getting 500 errors as soon as I went back to the
> > item editor. This is what the logs tell me:
> >
> > dhcggmaZ: - [04/December/2003:07:22:29 -0500]
> > fmridc /cgi-bin/fmridc/admin/item_edit.html Runtime error: Can't use
> > string ("price") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at
> > /Users/peter/interchange/lib/Vend/Table/Editor.pm line 3403.
>  Are you using Safari or Konqueror as your browser?
>  I saw this error once after using Konqueror to edit the UI, and the only
> I could fix it was to replace products/mv_metadata.asc with a clean copy
> the original foundation catalog. (You'll have to then delete
> mv_metadata.gdbm, too).
>  The problem didn't come back after I made the same UI edit with Internet
> Explorer.


Thank you Chris.  Safari be damned when it comes to UI edits, I suppose.

Thanks again,


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