[ic] Bundling and quantity discounts with matrix options

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Mon Dec 8 09:23:09 EST 2003

Hi all,

One of my customers wants to do 3 for the price of 2 type offers on some 
of their products. No problem I say, we can use quantity discounting: 
set the base price to £10/item, set q3 to £6.666/item, and hey presto 2 
widgets cost £20 and 3 widgets cost £20 as well!

The problem is, it doesn't work when you take matrix options into 
account: 3 red widgets cost £20, but 1 red widget and 2 green widgets 
cost £30 (different skus).

Can anyone suggest a solution? I'm thinking that some kind of product 
bundling mechanism is required (which is also on my customer's wish 
list), but I'm not sure how to tackle it at the moment.

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