[ic] Shipping depending on state

Chris Bair interchange at tssphoto.com
Mon Dec 8 12:30:11 EST 2003

>At 04:25 PM 12/5/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>>I've seen a few references to the shipmode column in the 
>>products/state.txt table. As I understand it, using this, I can 
>>specify which ship modes to allow based on which state is selected 
>>(exclude ground shipping to Hawaii and such). My question is, how 
>>exactly do I do this?
>Simply populate the shipmode column with valid choices for each 
>state, then modify the shipping selector code in 
>          <SELECT NAME=mv_shipmode>
>           [shipping
>             label=1
>             mode=|[data table=state key='[default state UT]' col=shipmodes]|
>           ]
>           </SELECT>

I guess I should have specified that I was running 4.8.7. The trick 
wasn't working so I upgraded to the latest 4.9.9 all was fine until I 
try putting in the code above. The shipping method menu ends up empty 
and this is in the error file: IzWvCmy3: - [08/December/2003:10:15:56 
-0700] poop /cgi-bin/poop.cgi/ord/checkout.html Runtime error: Can't 
locate object method "single" via package "Vend::Table::GDBM" 
(perhaps you forgot to load "Vend::Table::GDBM"?) at 
/home/inkjet/interchange/lib/Vend/Ship.pm line 429.

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