[ic] Putting options in order

Anthony Minero anthony at urbanscooters.com
Mon Dec 8 18:58:14 EST 2003

> Anthony Minero wrote:
>> Could someone tell me how to put options in a specific order? I have some
>> products that have 4 separate options and when I enter them they show up in
>> a random order like;
>> Color
>> 1 year warranty
>> Optional color
>> Size
> On 12/7/03 6:50 PM, "frank" <frank at goldissue.com> wrote:

> Last time I checked options in the foundation Demo (yesterday) I noticed
> that there is an o_sort field in options.txt. If you increment this for
> your several options you will find that the smallest number will be
> displayed first. As for the UI I am not sure how,
> Frank Reitzenstein

Yeah, I saw that too and tried it but it does not work? It had no effect at
all. Any body else know why this may be? I wouldn't think this would be such
a hard thing to do really.

Anthony Minero

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