[ic] [permissions] who is on first?

Aaron Straup Cope asc at vineyard.net
Wed Dec 10 16:58:42 EST 2003


I am in the process of investigating Interchange for by clients. So far, 
the process has gone relatively smoothly but I have encountered a 
problem updating the status on a pending order. Specifically, the action 
is denied and I am redirected to the admin login page. The error logs 
indicate that I have "attempted database update without permission, 

I am running an "out of the box" install using the default "foundation" 
store and DBM files.

I have checked the actual file system permissions and they are fine. I 
have poked around the icdevgroup site and google and the last ~3 months 
list archives but have been unable to find anything that might help 
explain what's going on.

When the program is complaining about permissions, is it complaining 
about file-system permissions or it's own internal table of allowable 
actions for a user? (I am logged in a the site admin/super user.)

Pointers or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks,

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