[ic] Manually setting $Config->{ProductFiles}

John Allman allmanj at houseofireland.com
Tue Dec 16 12:37:05 EST 2003

Hi - i was hoping to do something very similar to that described in 
but unfortunately it appears that the issue got sidetracked in 
subsequent posts.

I want to normally have only one table, products. But if a certain 
condition is met i want interchange to also start reading from another 

I have a piece of perl code which, if the condition is met, overrides 

i manually set @{$Config->{ProductFiles}} = ("products","newproducts");

i can then confirm that $Config->{ProductFiles}[0] is products and 
$Config->{ProductFiles}[1] is newproducts. Before that 
$Config->{ProductFiles}[1] is unset and $Config->{ProductFiles}[0] is 

In order to get this down to as simple a situation as possible i put a 
perl block with @{$Config->{ProductFiles}} = ("products","newproducts"); 
at the start of flypage.html (no condition checking, it just overrides 
it regardless) and then tried to directly access the product page of  a 
product which only exists in newproducts. This didn't work.

What am i missing? Is it possible to override ProductFiles like this? 
What else should i be doing?


John Allman

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