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wburgos at adelphia.net wburgos at adelphia.net
Wed Dec 24 13:03:17 EST 2003

I just tested out your page www.tvcables.net, so if you see and order under my name please delete it.
That is exactly what I want for now, it would be better if we could have payment verification, but for now that will do the job.  Please, can you send me the detail code to modify IC to add this functionality to my site?

Thanks in advance and Regards,

William Burgos
wburgos at adelphia.net

PS.-  Merry X-mas and New Year.


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I guess that will work for Now What do I have to change to get this to work?
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> Hi,
> If Paypal is selected at checkout then after checkout is pressed the
> receipt page is displayed and a popup window appears that takes the
> buyer into a Paypal payment screen. In case they are running anti-popuop
> software there is also a button on the receipt screen that loads the
> payment link into the same frame the receipt was in. It doesn't do any
> automatic checking of payment arrived, that has to be done manually.
> If you like run a test order through my site, put the name as testing,
> testing so I know its not a real order.
> In fact you can try it on my other URL which is www.tvcables.net as this
> site is not fully live.
> All the best,
> Andy.
> www.tvcables.co.uk

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