[ic] 'configure' cannot see /usr/local/bin/perl

D T dogtags at doglover.com
Wed Dec 31 00:37:26 EST 2003

Hi All

We use Mandrake 9.2. This installs threaded perl, and the executable is at /usr/bin/perl

We couldn't find a way to recompile the Mandrake perl to be non-threaded. So, we left that alone and installed a non-threaded version (which is default BTW) with the executable at /usr/local/bin/perl

We also ran 'updatedb' for good measure.

Next, we tried to install Interchange - /usr/local/bin/perl configure

However, the configure script did not ask us which location of perl to use.

Instead, it just found the threaded version at /usr/bin/perl and stopped the installation.

Question:  how can we get the 'configure' script to recognize the /usr/local/bin/perl location (non-threaded) to install Interchange ?

This would be so great to resolve. Thanks very much.

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