[ic] Read variable in [perl][/perl] tags

Danilo Ingami kosmo at trslab.it
Wed Dec 31 05:48:38 EST 2003

Hi list user,
I've a simple problem (not for me of course). I need to calculate the 
insurance cost for a shipping.
I use the weight method to calculate the amount of shipping and it works 
For calculate the total cost of the order I need to apply a percentage, 
with at least a minimum cost,  to the subtotal of the order.
I think to do this with perl code in the checkout page, but I don't know 
the manner to read the value of the
[subtotal], [salestax]  and [shipping] ic tags within the [perl][/perl], 
and of cource how to get out the result from there.
I had read a lot of documentation, but I don't find what I'm looking 
for. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Many thanks an happy new year to everyone.

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