[ic] I broke flex_select :(

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Sat Jul 5 16:46:34 EDT 2003

  Hello All!  :)

    I was hoping someone would be able to help me with a problem I have
apparently caused.  I can no longer edit any tables using flex_select.  I
get no results returned, and in error.log I get the following line:

-----Begin Error-----
flex_select search error: Limit subroutine creation: bad limit creation
code in coordinated search, probably search group without search
specification. at interchange/lib/Vend/Search.pm line 769
-----End Error-----

  I didn't actually do too much between when it worked, and when it
didn't.  I restarted interchange a couple of times via command line,
'Apply Changes' a couple of times via the GUI, ran part way through the
'Wizard' in the GUI.  Haven't added any tables, haven't touched any data;
nothin' I swear!  :)

  When doing a bunch of debuging, it looks like 'mv_searchspec' is a zero
length array in 'get_limit' (Which is in Search.pm).  And this happens the
3rd time through.  (ie, when I try to edit, 'get_limit' gets called twice
with a valid $s->{mv_searchspec}, but the 3rd time it is called
mv_searchspec has no elements)

  If this helps, here is the stack trace when the error occurs:

------Begin Trace-----

>       Vend::Search::get_limit('Vend::DbSearch=HASH(0x93c7c60)', undef) called at interchange/lib/Vend/DbSearch.pm line 245
>       eval {...} called at interchange/lib/Vend/DbSearch.pm line 244
>       Vend::DbSearch::search('Vend::DbSearch=HASH(0x93c7c60)') called at interchange/lib/Vend/Scan.pm line 524
>       Vend::Scan::perform_search('HASH(0x927b83c)') called at interchange/lib/Vend/Interpolate.pm line 5435
>       Vend::Interpolate::region('HASH(0x93c7720)', '^J^I[search-list]^J^I<TR [item-alternate 2]BGCOLOR="#EEEEEE"[else]BG...') called at interchange/lib/Vend/Interpolate.pm line 4053
>       Vend::Interpolate::tag_search_region('^J^Ifi=variable^J^Ist=db^J^Ico=1^Jsf=HASH(0x91f8d28)^Jse=alte^Jop=eq^J^J^Isu...', 'HASH(0x93c7720)', '^J^I[search-list]^J^I<TR [item-alternate 2]BGCOLOR="#EEEEEE"[else]BG...') called at interchange/lib/Vend/Parse.pm line 1611
>       Vend::Parse::start('Vend::Parse=HASH(0x91fb700)', 'search-region', 'HASH(0x93c7720)', 'ARRAY(0x9203058)', '[search-region more=1 arg="[scratch sparams]"]') called at interchange/lib/Vend/Parser.pm line 246
>       Vend::Parser::parse('Vend::Parse=HASH(0x91fb700)', '<!-- [if cgi mv_more_ip]^J[calc]^J^Ifor( qw/^J^I^Ihelp_name^J^I^Iicon_nam...') called at interchange/lib/Vend/Interpolate.pm line 619
>       Vend::Interpolate::interpolate_html('<!-- [if cgi mv_more_ip]^J[calc]^J^Ifor( qw/^J^I^Ihelp_name^J^I^Iicon_nam...', 1, undef) called at interchange/lib/Vend/Page.pm line 119
>       Vend::Page::display_page() called at interchange/lib/Vend/Page.pm line 135

----End Trace

  Thanks very much for your time, = )

"I cannot articulate enough to express my dislike to people who think
that understanding spoils your experience... How would they know?"

	-- Marvin Minsky

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