[ic] Displaying SQL-Errors in the Administration Panel

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Jul 9 23:28:53 EDT 2003

Quoting Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (racke at linuxia.de):
> > > Isn't it possible, that all SQL-Errors are displayed in the 
> > > administration-panel? That's what I thougt should be the default! I
> > > use IC v.4.9.7.
> > > 
> > 
> > I believe you are right. I have been ignoring this issue for
> > some time, but will be fixing it soon.
> > 
> > For the moment, you have to look at the global error.log file. Ugh.
> > 
> As long as there is no Internal Server Error, these messages can be
> found in the catalog error log, but a feedback for the user is really
> a good idea.

I am working on it now. There is some question in my mind as to
what should be done on an error, and my inclination is to do this:

    1. Set up logging levels on a per-table basis, with
       defaults that can be set with DatabaseDefault:

        DatabaseDefault  LOG_ERROR_CATALOG  1
        DatabaseDefault  LOG_ERROR_SESSION  1
        DatabaseDefault  LOG_ERROR_GLOBAL   0
        DatabaseDefault  DIE_ERROR          0

    2. Log errors to the catalog error.log by default.

        Database  inventory LOG_ERROR_CATALOG  0|1*

    3. Log errors to the session always if an admin, and
       controlled by configuration if not.

        Database  inventory LOG_ERROR_SESSION  0|1*

       This would have the effect of giving a big red error message
       when such an event as failing to create a record occured. In
       most cases, you would be able to use the <-Back button and
       fix the error and resubmit.

    4. Die at the page level (500 error) only if that is explicit
       request in config for that table:

        Database  inventory  DIE_ERROR  0*|1

    5. Log errors globally only on explicit request:

        Database  inventory LOG_ERROR_GLOBAL   0*|1

    6. LENGTH_EXCEPTION errors would go into warnings if they
       are handled with truncate.

  * default

Does this seem reasonable?

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