[ic] problem with mv_add_source under interchange 4.9.8

Shawn Mathews eyefivesupport at aol.com
Sun Jul 20 20:31:18 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I added the following like to my catalog.cfg

ScratchDefault   mv_add_source 1

from the docs I gather it's suppose to add something like
?mv_souce=THESOURCE to any URL's generated by Interchange.
instead it adds ?=THESOURCE to URL's

I took a look at util.pm and figured out that this line is what adds the

Util.pm-         push @parms, "$::VN->{mv_source}=$sn";

I think the $::VN stuff gets added by Config.pm, by reading whats in the
__DATA__ section at the bottom of the file.

I tried adding the following line,  but it had no affect, the URL's
still came out wrong.

mv_source            mv_source

Any ideas?

Shawn Mathews
eyefivesupport at aol.com

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