[ic] Templating

Himem Inc interchange at himem.net
Wed Jul 23 17:24:38 EDT 2003

>>I am trying to use the /catalog/template directory to make a simple 
>>header that I will use on some pages.  I read through the 
>>documentation on headers, and looked at the example header files, 
>>and how they were used @_LEFTONLY_TOP_@ to call the leftonly 
>>template.  I could not find anything related to that name in my 
>>config files, so I tried to make a file called partialheader, put 
>>some HTML in it, and tried to do @_partialheader_@, or 
>>@_PARTIALHEADER_@ and @_PARTIALHEADER_TOP_@ and I cannot seem to get 
>>this file included.
>>What is the trick, or maybe some specific pages that I should look 
>>at for how to actually include the template.  The manual seems a 
>>little sparse on specifics (but I repeat myself).
>put the code inside templates/foundation/regions/ and call it PARTIALHEADER
>then use @_PARTIALHEADER_@
[root at www regions]# ls | grep PARTIAL
[root at www regions]# pwd
[root at www pages]# cat test.html
There should be a partial header here:


[root at www pages]# pwd

When I view the page, it does not show the partial header, only the 
text.  If I put @_LEFTONLY_TOP_@ it seems to work just fine. I grepped 
through the files and could not find anything that specifically defines 


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