[ic] Menu Loader/ cat table

lawrence lawrence at davidweatherford.com
Wed Jul 23 17:51:58 EDT 2003

Hello list,

I'm new to Interchange, and was wondering where I could find information on
creating areas and categories for 4.9.8.
Will the "Menu Loader" "Top and Sub level tables"  add entries to my tables
or do I have to keep track of 'select codes'
when placing categories into areas with respect to 'top' and 'left' areas or
do I have to directly edit pgsql tables for them to show up in my catalog?.
I'm still not sure what the function of these double entries  for catagories
and areas in the tables is about but have been trying to follow what the
foundation store has setup. I've been hitting publish under the 'Menu
Constructor' whilst saving to a new menu under tree view but nothing changes
when I go to the catalog, nor are any of the catagories in my tables unless
I manually "table edit: cat catagories" is 4.8 easier? Does anyone speak



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