[ic] Searching For Pages in More Than One Directory

Bas Bezemer bas.bezemer at wxs.nl
Thu Jul 24 13:04:34 EDT 2003

Hi Shawn,

> Is it possible to have interchange check two different directorys for
> pages?
> I maintain an installation which has several subcatalogs which share a
> lot of the same pages. Right now I'm using symlinks from a "common"
> directory, but it's not a very elegant solution.

I tried the following and it worked. But the shared pages will be 
accessible for all your catalogs running under the Interchange server. 
You can't exclude catalogs. Here it comes.

The admin pages are also shared among all the catalogs and are situated 
at [your interchange directory]/lib/UI/pages/admin/. Put the shared 
files in [your interchange directory]/lib/UI/pages/. Just as the 
admin-pages you can overrule these pages for a certain catalog by 
putting a file with the same name in [your catalog directory]/pages/. 
Give it a try.


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