[ic] Authorize.net was working fine, now timing out? Auth.net gets nothing

Aaron Hazelton aaronmail at hazenet.net
Tue Jul 29 13:14:24 EDT 2003

Hi all,

IC 4.8.3

Until yesterday, everything was flawless with Authorize.net.
Now, I get the "Authorizenet error: Please call in your order
or try again." message.  However, this is after approx 2:30
to 3:00 minutes.  In the Auth.net admin, there is no record
of the attempted transaction, and after talking to their support, I have 
confirmed that they do not see anything
being attempted.

First of all, is there a way to try to see what is happening?
There is nothing in the catalog error.log or in the global log.

It appears that it is not connecting, however, there appears
to be no "connection" issues on the server and everything else
is up, running, and fast as usual.

Help is greatly appreciated!
Aaron Hazelton

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