[ic] Options interface in Admin not working.

Tim Good draco at edsd.com
Wed Jul 30 13:12:04 EDT 2003

Hello people,

This would be my third or fourth post, so I start by apologizing for the
duplicate, numerous, or repetitive posting. 
However, I have yet to receive a response so I am attempting one last try.
I base this on the fact that the responses typically occur within hours or a
day or two. 
I believe I am following the format, rules, and etiquette required by this
group, which would otherwise 
justify the lack of response? enuf said.

I can see that others appear to be using this (to save on redundancy already
created by me please refer to my previous
Posts) interface or am I wrong here? With that in mind there must exist an
answer which someone else has found or 
applied through proper configuration or installation. Can someone please
share their views on my problem. 

The reason I would like to use this interface as apposed to sql entry or
other methods, is because this would be the 
Interface customers would be using and if it don't work they will not be
able to change, add, delete options.

Much appreciate any response at this point,

Tim Good


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