[ic] How can I add a custom product field in DB.

AS news1 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Nov 2 09:16:56 EST 2003

Hi folks,

I am trying to add a field to my products db (mysql) using IC. I want to
add a field called 'use1' I have followed the instructions pasted below
but in my item editor I do not have the new field to edit?

I have an entry in the metadata table called products::use1 but don't
seem to be able to display the field to add data on the edit item

Any help appreciated,

How to add your own fields to the ui Edit Item page ic4.8.x.

These instructions show you how to add a field to the record editor
pages in
the admin ui. This assumes you are adding a field to the 'products'
it has already been added in the database, and Interchange is aware of

1) Log in to the admin ui with super user permissions.
2) Go to the Administration section.
3) Click on tables.
4) Click on the Products table icon to edit the table entries.
5) Click on the link 'products' immediately after the 'Select table to
 You are now at the mv_metadata settings which define the display of the
table data.
6) Add the name of your field to the list named 'Fields to edit'. These
in the order they will be displayed for editing.
7) Click OK
 The field should now appear in the edit item page.

8) Now go to edit an item - your field should be there.
9) Click on the 'meta' link next to the field name. (it there is no
link you need to set the variable 'UI_META_LINK' to 1 in the Admin
preference group.
10) set up the label, field type, width etc. and save.
11) thats it. There is no 11.

good luck,



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