[ic] Question about the NFS bug fixed in 4.99

Joshua Rusch josh at strongwords.org
Mon Nov 3 11:30:37 EST 2003


I'm wondering if someone can tell me a little bit more about this bug that
was fixed in the 4.99 release:

* Fix locking of NFS sessions.

I'm launching a site, potentially by the end of the day today, that has
several interchange application servers running, with the catalog residing
on an NFS mount. Being so close to launch, I'm a little wary of upgrading to
4.99 today. I'd prefer to upgrade post launch and have a good day or two of
testing done on a development server first. I'm currently using 4.98.
Perhaps I can find out where the bugfix was made, and apply the bugfix. We
haven't had any problems with our testing so far, but the site will be a
busy one, and if there is a catastrophic bug, I'm sure it will show up very

I have LockType set to fcntl in interchange.cfg and SessionType set to NFS
in catalog.cfg...although it seemed like the SessionType directive might be
unnecessary with the LockType set to fcntl.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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