[ic] OT: Alternatives to Red Hat-> more questions

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Thu Nov 6 15:18:41 EST 2003

"Lyn St George" <lyn at zolotek.net> writes:

> It has been mentioned several times that a list of "IC friendly" web
> hosts would be useful to prospective users, but the problem is
> finding someone impartial to put up the list ...

Yea, eventually icdevgroup.org will host the list.  I've got a
"catalog" about half coded up and ready to contribute.  The problem is
that one of my paying customers is pretty hot to get some stuff done.
So, I've been putting all my energy into that.

If someone wants to contribute a web interface to creating and
managing a database of IC consultants and hosts, knock yourself out.
I'm thinking I might get mine done by end of November.
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