[ic] YA Shipping Problem

Ryan Grace ryan at ryangrace.com
Thu Nov 13 10:16:40 EST 2003

Hi All,

I'm working on implementing two shipping methods based on order total price, a Standard option and an Express option.  I've got only two methods defined in my shipping.asc, Standard and Express.  I've changed my SHIP_DEFAULT_MODE to Standard (the name of the method as it appears in shipping.asc) and have edited country.txt to only have "Standard Expresss" as the shipping choices for the US.  However, when I go to the checkout page with something in my cart I get a pulldown for shipping options that has 3 blank options at the top and only lists "Express Shipping" as the last option in the list.  I also get the error message right above the list on the check out page:

 	 Note: No match found for mode '1DA', quantity '', returning 0.

I've tried to remove all reference to 1DA and other shipping methods from the files in products/, so I'm confused about where this is coming from.  Any ideas?



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