[ic] Additional fields in Admin UI

Gerhard Conradi gerhard at pugmarks.net
Mon Nov 17 18:11:41 EST 2003

Hi @ all,

our customer wants to have five instead of three item pictures. So I created
two new table columns (image2 &image_large2) in the products table. As I
want to provide the Admin UI to the customer I want that he is able to
upload the additional image files like with the build in widget for item
images and thumbnails. So I created new entries in the mv_metadata table
which link to the table columns and have a widget type "imagehelper". Ok,
that worked so far.
But I can't see the new widgets in the UI. Do I have to add some info to any
config file? And if so to which one? Or something else I missed out?
Thanks for your help,


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