[ic] Quickbooks installation problems - documentation changes

Dan Browning db at kavod.com
Mon Nov 17 14:47:57 EST 2003

* Tim Good <draco at edsd.com> [2003-11-17 13:29]:
> I just got the Quickbooks module to work and wanted to share
> my
> imput. Within the README files there are conflicting
> directions. 
> I have added changes and additions to the documentation in
> hope
> it will help others in installing the Quickbooks module. I
> am
> posting the changes as a suggested change to the
> distrubution.

Thank you for your contribution, Tim.  A patch would have been nice, but this 
will do.  (diff -u original new)

>   usertag/import_quicken_items  UserTag for importing items
>   usertag/export_quicken_items  UserTag for exporting items
> **  usertag/export_quicken_coa.tag  UserTag for exporting
> **  usertag/get_quicken_orders.tag  UserTag for exporting
> orders


>   pages/admin/quickbooks/*      Menu support for Interchange
> UI
> **   legacy/qb.catalog.cfg                Quickbooks
> configuration.

Not applied.  The qb.catalog.cfg is in the "legacy" directory for a reason: it's 
not needed.  I modified the IIF-generation scheme from one that is done at order 
time (as with a Route) to one that is done via the Admin UI, anytime.  I'm open 
to arguments promoting the former functionality, but the latter is more flexible 
in my opinion.

> **  o    Add "quickbooks" order route to checkout pages.
> (Optional)

Same as above.

> 4.3. Quick Installation Script
> ------------------------------
> ** You will need to create the script file and copy the
> template 
> ** below to the new file.

Applied as:

This script will install the necessary files for you.  To use it, you must first
create a new file, and paste the template script (below) into it.  Then, modify
the environment variables to match your environment.

> Note that if you are not using a 4.9.8+ version of
> Interchange, you
> will need to manually install the qb_safe.filter by copying
> it from
> the 4.9.8 code/Filter/qb_safe.filter into your Interchange
> version.
> ** Copy starting below here to script file.

Applied as some extra "snip" lines.

> **  # Modify these seven variables to match your
> environment.
> **  # and the interchange user/group for CHOWN command
> export QB=/path/to/interchange/extensions/quickbooks
> export VENDROOT=/usr/local/interchange
> export CATROOT=/home/interch/catalogs/foundation

> **  export CP=/path/to/cp
> **  export CAT=/path/to/cat
> **  export MAKEDIR=/path/to/makedir
> **  export CHOWN=/path/to/chown

Not applied.  People who don't have these basic utilities in their path need to 
add them, not make the installation script uglier than it already is.  :-)  I'm 
not beyond convincing, however.

> **  $CHOWN interch.interch $VENDROOT/code/UI_Tag/*_quicken*

Hmm... I think this is a little too environment-specific to be in the install 
script (i.e. people don't always use the "interch" user).

>      cd /usr/lib/interchange/ cp
>      extensions/quickbooks/etc/trans_quickbooks \
> **      /var/lib/interchange/foundation/vars

Deleted.  What we have here is that the "long" installation docs are out of 
date.  The "quick install script" is the up-to-date version.

>      cd /usr/lib/interchange cp -i
> extensions/quickbooks/usertag/*
> **      code/UI_Tag


> **  4.6.1 Additional database fields -- inventory
> **  --------------------------------------------
> **  
> **  Quicken also needs an tax agency field for sales tax
> **  Add the following fields to the "state" table:
> **  account cogs_account
> **  To add the fields in MySQL, you can issue the following
> queries at the
> **  mysql prompt:
> **  alter table state add column qb_tax_agency varchar(255);
> **  Other SQL databases will have similar facilities.
> **  If you are using Interchange DBM files, just export the
> state
> **  database, stop the Interchange server (to prevent
> corruption), add the
> **  fields on the first line by editing the state.txt file,
> then
> **  restart Interchange.


> ** 4.8. Add quickbooks order route (Optional)
> -------------------------------
> In the Interchange UI, there is a Preferences area
> should add the quickbooks route. Place it after the
> transaction
> logging step, i.e.
> code     ORDER_ROUTES Variable log quickbooks main copy_user
> ADVANCED, If you know Interchange Variable settings, you can
> add it
> directly:
> Variable ORDER_ROUTES  log quickbooks main copy_user
> Also, you can use other methods to set order routes. See the
> Interchange reference documentation.

Not applied (see above).

Again, thanks for the contribution Tim.  I'm sure the QB code could use more 
fine-tuning, so your patches and reports would be appreciated (feel free 
to use Bugzilla if you would like).

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