[ic] Products not showing up

Anthony Minero anthony at urbanscooters.com
Tue Nov 18 17:01:18 EST 2003

4.9.8 MySQL, 

I just upgraded to 4.9.8 and I'm having a problem with the products.

I went in to change the prices some products we have on the site, I also
changed the options via the option table. The changes show up fine in the
admin area but when I go to the site the products are no longer there? It's
almost like the inactive variable is set to yes but it's not. I applied
changes and still nothing. I added some code to the flypage that pulls up
text if the item is set to inactive. Whenever I go directly to a page of the
product that I just edited this inactive text appears but the item is not
inactive. It works fine for the rest of the products, and I just noticed
they were gone right after I edited them.

Do you know why this could be happening?


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