[ic] item-options price=1

Ron Phipps rphipps at reliant-solutions.com
Wed Nov 19 17:18:32 EST 2003

> From: Mike Heins
> Quoting Bill Carr (bill at worldwideimpact.com):
> > IC 4.9.9
> >
> > [item-options price=1] returns some options even if those options do
> > contain any pricing information.
> >
> > On a results page I would like to say:
> > [either][item-options price=1][or][item-price][/either]
> >
> > How can I make [item-options price=1] only return something if those
> > options have some pricing information? I only want to do this
> >
> > I think I would like something like:
> > [item-options price=1 do_not_return_without_prices=1]
> You may not know (not many except me probably know, in fact) can
> new Vend::Options types in IC just like you can Vend::Payment types.
> copy lib/Vend/Options/Simple.pm to lib/Vend/Options/MyOptions.pm, hack
> on it (making the package name correct, mostly) then do in
> 	Options MyOptions enable 1
> Once that is done, you can set the option_type to MyOptions in
> the products table and hack on the display routine all you
> want without affecting the normal options.
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> Mike Heins
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I can verify that this works the way Mike has laid out.  We built a
custom option type for a site that sells servers.  The custom option had
a lot of changes to the display and pricing code.  The site can still be
setup to use simple and matrix options at the same time as well.  Pretty
cool stuff!!!


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